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Denise Buckley

Allow me to take you on a journey.

Sit - relax - enjoy.

I can take you to a fantasy land,

that no one can ever destroy.

Imagine a clear and turquoise sea.

Waves lap on the whitest of sand.

Palms swaying and heavy with coconuts,

and a slave on the end of each hand.

It could be a slum on a cobblestone street,

or a cave that is crumbling and damp.

I could fly you away for some romance,

or to war with a spy or a vamp.

Maybe a knight on white charger

is coming to make you his bride.

You could thrill with spring, or most anything

from birth to a white knuckle ride.

A writer can place you in a picture.

Make a scene where you are one of the men.

You could be many things, a queen or a king

and it’s all at the end of my pen.

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