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Author Biography:

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Born in Cheshire, UK, Denise Buckley used to perform a singing act with her sister in cabarets and clubs. She now lives in the Lake District of Cumbria, where she paints and writes.

Her first novel is Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The Dark Secret.

 Heroes don’t cry is the second book in the series.

My inspiration for this first novel came from listening to my parents memories and reading about others. History is interesting, and how we once lived and survived is almost unbelievable now. They were hard times then; but things change so quickly.

Writing any story takes you away from reality and into a world of your own making, you begin to live it in your head to make it believable. Characters are interesting, and I find they soon form their own; once you introduce them.

I have been writing a number of years, starting with poetry and short stories. I won competitions in newspapers which gave my ego a burst. I also began to write plays, both comedy and drama. When the BBC showed interest, I realised I couldn’t go further because of family commitments, so reverted back to writing stories.

I always enjoyed watching Catherine Cookson films on the television, but when I realised I’d seen them all, I thought about writing a book on a similar vein, and living in hope of seeing it on the ‘silver screen.’                 

There is a saying: ‘If there’s a book you want to read, and it hasn’t yet been written, then write it yourself,’ so I did. ‘Yesterday’s Tomorrows: The Dark Secret’ is the one. It is fictional with a historical background starting in 1906, and covers WW1. I rather enjoyed writing that, as I researched into the early days of the century. Now I had the bug, and using the same family, carried it on with ‘Heroes Don’t Cry.’ This covered WW11, and brought back memories of my younger life.  

Now I am retired so thoroughly enjoy the peace of researching and writing novels.